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MacBook Pro Flexgate repair

If you have a MacBook Pro Touch Bar model, you may have encountered a common issue called "Flexgate." This issue occurs due to the design and length of the backlight cable, which can become over-stretched if the MacBook is not used at a friendly angle of 90 degrees. This can cause the backlight cable to break and result in a faulty display.

To fix Flexgate, the whole screen panel needs to be replaced, which is a straightforward but expensive process. Our experts at the Apple service center, ifixApple, perform a specialized and sensitive repair process that involves soldering and replacing parts. The good news is that we can fix your device on the same day, saving you a lot of money.

MacBook Flexgate Repair Cost

The typical cost for repairing an Apple MacBook flexgate issue starts at ₹6999 and comes with a 3-month warranty. ifixApple offers MacBook display repair services at Fixed Price ₹6000/- with 6 month warranty. We can resolve the MacBook Pro backlight malfunction caused by the Apple flexgate problem quickly, often within few hours.

ifixApple MacBook Flexgate Repair Service

When it comes to MacBook repairs, ifixApple offers the unbeatable benefits of the ifixApple Advantage, which includes a 6-month warranty on MacBook Pro flexgate repair. This ensures that you can experience the long-lasting benefits of a high-quality display. The high-quality display of your Mac will be fully restored to its original condition.

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Common MacBook Flexgate Repair Questions

MacBook Flexgate is a term used to describe a malfunction that occurs in some MacBook models, where the display cable wears down and ultimately fails, resulting in a distorted or dimmed display.
MacBook Flexgate is caused by the repeated opening and closing of the MacBook's lid, which places stress on the display cable and causes it to wear down over time.
If your MacBook has a distorted or dimmed display, flickering, or vertical lines on the screen, it may have Flexgate issues. A professional diagnosis is recommended.
Yes, MacBook Flexgate can be fixed by replacing the display cable. However, it requires professional assistance and should not be attempted by amateurs.
If your MacBook is still under warranty, MacBook Flexgate repair may be covered by Apple. However, it is recommended to check with Apple support to confirm.

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