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MacBook Battery Replacement : Services Cost

Are you an owner of a MacBook dealing with a dead, swollen, or drained battery? IfixApple provides fast MacBook battery replacement services with same-day turnaround. Discover the cost and service details of our MacBook battery replacement services, as well as tips on when to replace your battery and how to check your Apple laptop's battery status.

What is the cost of replacing a MacBook battery?

The typical cost for replacing an Apple MacBook battery starts at ₹3500/- and comes with 6-12 month warranty. We can replace the MacBook battery quickly, often within few hours.

Latest Price for MacBook Air Battery Replacement

The price of MacBook Air Battery starts from ₹ 4500-/ with 6 month warranty.

MacBook Air Model Battery Replacement Cost
✔️ MacBook Air A1369 13" Late 2010 ₹4,500
✔️ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2017 ₹4,500
✔️ Macbook Air A2337 M1 13-inch ₹8,500
✔️ MacBook Air A1932 13-inch, 2018 ₹8,500
✔️ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2015 ₹4,500
✔️ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2013-2014 ₹4,500
✔️ MacBook Air A1369 13" Late 2011 ₹4,500
✔️ MacBook Air A1465 11" 2013-2014 ₹4,500

Note :

Above mentioned prices are exclusive of tax. (GST).

Latest Price for MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

The price of MacBook pro Battery replacement starts from ₹ 3500-/ with 6 month warranty.

MacBook Pro Model Battery Replacement Cost
✔️ Macbook Pro A2289 13-inch ₹8,500
✔️ Macbook Pro A2338 13-inch ₹9,500
✔️ MacBook Pro A1278 13" 2010 ₹3,500
✔️ MacBook Pro A1398 15" Mid 2012 2013 ₹5,500
✔️ MacBook Pro A1398 15" 2015 ₹8,500
✔️ MacBook Pro A1425 13" Early 2013 ₹5,500
✔️ MacBook Pro A1502 13" Mid 2014 ₹5,500
✔️ MacBook Pro A1502 13" 2015 ₹5,500
✔️ Macbook Pro A1706 Retina 13” ₹9,000
✔️ MacBook Pro A1398 15" Mid 2014 ₹8,500
✔️ MacBook Pro A1707 15-inch with Touch Bar ₹9,500
✔️ MacBook Pro A1708 13-inch without Touch Bar ₹5,500
✔️ Macbook Pro A1989 13-inch ₹8,500
✔️ Macbook Pro A2159 13-inch ₹8,500
✔️ MacBook Pro A1286 15" Late 2011 ₹3,500

Symptoms when you need to replace your MacBook battery

MacBooks are designed to provide long-lasting battery life, but over time, the battery's performance may decline. This can result in a number of symptoms that indicate it's time to replace the battery. One of the most common symptoms is a reduced battery life. If your MacBook battery is draining faster than it used to, even after you've fully charged it, it could be a sign that the battery is nearing the end of its life.

ifixApple MacBook Battery Replacement Service

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Cost

If you go with IfixApple for your MacBook battery replacement, you'll get something special called the IfixApple Advantage. This means you'll get a 6-month warranty on the battery replacement service. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a high-quality battery that will last a long time. It will be just like having a brand new MacBook with a great battery backup.

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(FAQ) about MacBook battery replacement:

MacBook batteries are designed to last for 1000 cycles, which is about 3-5 years depending on usage.
It's possible to replace the battery yourself, but it's recommended to have it done by a professional to ensure proper installation.
The cost of a MacBook battery replacement varies depending on the model of your MacBook and where you get it replaced. It can range from ₹3500/- to ₹14,500/-.
If your MacBook is still under warranty, replacing the battery at a non-authorized repair shop may void your warranty.
It's recommended to use an Apple battery for your MacBook to ensure compatibility and safety.

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