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MacBook Screen Replacement in Nehru Place, Delhi

Your MacBook Screen got damaged or cracked?

Whether your Apple MacBook Screen got cracked, damaged due to dropping your MacBook or liquid spilled into it or any other issue, need not to worry about your Apple MacBook Screen, we at ifixApple Nehru Place, Delhi are here to provide you cheap Mac screen replacement services. We offer MacBook screen replacement for all types of MacBook models. We have all the required high quality parts and equipments necessary to fix your Mac Screen. MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac have separate screen sizes and our engineers are always ready to fix it very efficiently that match your repair budget.

MacBook Screen Replacement Service in Nehru Place, Delhi

How to test your display?

It is easy to have self check your Apple Mac Screen if it is really defected before you visit us.

  • It may indicate a defect LCD or glass cover if you see any cracks or lines in the display.
  • Try to connect your Mac to an external display to make sure if it is a problem of graphic card or display may causing display problem if you see black display but the MacBook seems to run. It will be display problem if you see image on external display but not on the MacBook.

And when you didn’t get any conclusion our highly qualified engineers will have a look at the issue and come up with the MacBook Screen Repair or Replacement solution. We are the best Apple MacBook Service provider in Nehru Place, Delhi.

Display Cable Replacement

Sometimes we need not to replace the whole display unit. So if you find your display goes black it may be because of crack in the LCD cable or connector. But yes these cables can be replaced in older MacBooks. And for the newer MacBooks these cables are glued under the LCD and only the complete LCD assembly can be replaced. These are the MacBooks of 12 inch MacBook released in 2015. Also newer MacBooks from 2016 with the issue of display cable that is failing and cannot be replaced, we will have to swap the complete display unit.

MacBook Display Cable

Display Assembly Replacement and LCD Only Replacement

Our MacBook Screen Replacement Service is quick smart and cost-effective. Our engineers can replace your MacBook full display assembly very quickly and efficiently with in hours. And if your back base is fine but LCD is cracked, we will replace only LCD to save your money but due to its repair complexity it might take 1 or 2 days to finish this.

MacBook Screen Repair in Nehru Place

What are issues ifixApple Screen Replacement service serve?

We offer best repair and replacement service for all common screen issues whether small issue or big one. Our experienced and skilled engineers are capable of fix your Mac Screen with a wide stock of LCD and LED and other accessories with in a day. We provide component level repair services for many common and uncommon issues such as :

  • Dim Screen
  • Dark or white spots on Mac display
  • Dark stripes at bottom
  • Dead pixels on screen
  • Multi-coloured lines across the screen
  • There is no video
  • Screen goes black randomly
  • Grey smudge marks behind the glass
  • Simple scratches all over screen
  • Cracked or broken screen
  • Horizontal lines after heating up screen circuit

Our MacBook Services in Delhi

mac trackpad repair, toucpad replacement macbook

Touchpad Repair & Replace

We can repair / replace your MacBook trackpad if it is malfunctioning or not responding

MacBook logic board repair in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram

Replacement & Repair of Logic Board

We are the most experienced company in Delhi for Apple Mac Logic Board Repairs. We are experts in component level repairing.

mac screen repair, macbook screen replacement

MacBook Pro Screen Repair

We replace all Apple MacBook LCD/LED screens at our Service Center in Nehru Place.

macbook hard drive replacement, SSD upgrade for Mac computers

Hard Drive / SSD Upgrade

We can upgrade your MacBook Air, Pro or Retina models SSD. We are experienced in Data Recovery from Mac SSD.

macbook keyboard replacement

Keyboard Repair & Replace

Our Engineers are capable of fixing MacBook keyboards and repair/replace missing broken keys.

memory upgrade for mac, Macbook RAM upgrade

Memory (RAM) Upgrade

We can upgrade Memory upto 16GB in your MacBook Pro A1278 and A1286 Models.

mac charger repair, macbook battery replacement

MacBook Charger Repair

We have ready stock of magsafe / magsafe2 cables for repairing of MacBook Chargers. Carger cables can be replaced within 30 min.

macbook pro broken glass replacement

Front Display Glass Replace

We change front glass of A1278 and A1286 Models on Same Day.

FAQs about MacBook Screen Replacement in Delhi

Generally we can replace a faulty screen within a day but if there is any complication or workload it may take 1 or 2 days.
MacBook Pro Screen can be repaired only if there is no any physical damage but still chances are little.
MacBook Screen Replacement Costs vary according to the Mac models. Few Screen Replacement Cost are mentioned below in a table for your reference.
Generally we use original screen but we can’t claim it as Apple original screen officially as Apple doesn’t sell its spare parts thus sometimes they are not easily available, in such cases we use screens of high quality with the same resolution.
No, Your MacBook camera will be as before after replacement. Our experienced and trained engineers will fix your Mac Screen very carefully and efficiently

Other Services

Mac Battery Replacement Services in Nehru Place

Battery Replacement

Mac HDD / SSD Upgrade Services

Upgrade Services

Best Price for MacBook Display Screens in Delhi

Tentative idea for MacBook Screen Replacement

Model No. Price
A1369 13" 2011 & A1466 13" 2012-2017 MacBook Air ₹ 10000/- + 18% GST
A1370 11" 2011 & A1465 11" 2012-2015 MacBook Air ₹ 7500/- + 18% GST
A2159 13" & A1989 13" MacBook Pro Touchbar ₹ 20000/- - ₹ 25000/- + 18% GST
A1990 15" MacBook Pro Touchbar ₹ 25000/- - ₹ 35000/- + 18% GST
A1278 13" 2010-2012 MacBook Pro ₹ 6500/- + 18% GST
A1425 13" 2012 & A1502 13" 2013-15 MacBook Pro Retina ₹ Not Available
A1398 15" 2012 MacBook Pro Retina ₹ Not Available
A2337 13" 2020 MacBook Air M1 Retina ₹ 18000/- + 18% GST
A2338 13" 2020 MacBook Pro M1 Retina ₹ 22000/- + 18% GST
A2289 13" 2020 MacBook Pro Retina ₹ 18000/- + 18% GST
A1398 15" 2013-14 MacBook Pro Retina ₹ 25000/- + 18% GST
A1398 15" 2015 MacBook Pro Retina & A1534 MacBook 12" ₹ Not Available
A1708 13" 2016-17 MacBook Pro Retina ₹ 20000/- - ₹ 25000/- + 18% GST
A1706 13" TouchBar MacBook Pro Retina ₹ 20000/- - ₹ 25000/- + 18% GST
A1707 15" 2016-17 MacBook Pro Retina ₹ 25000/- - ₹ 35000/- + 18% GST