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MacBook Logic Board Repair Store in Nehru Place, Delhi

Are you searching for people who can repair MacBook Logic Boards? We have Expert Team of Engineers for repairing of logic boards in Delhi.

What is Logic Board?

A motherboard is the printed circuit board (PCB) in a PC. The motherboard is a PC’s focal correspondences spine network point, through which all parts and outside peripherals associate. The term “Logic board” is brand specific, coined by Apple in the early 1980s for the motherboards in Macintosh Computers.

Logic Board of a MacBook contains the central processing unit (CPU), main system memory, and integrated circuit that controls the disk drive, keyboard, display, and peripherals. All computer systems depend on a series of arranged electrical connections with react to orders executed by a user and translate them into real results. Although all on board hardware units such as processor, memory, sound card, network controller, graphic processor, SMC, WIFI card each play out a particular function but integrated in one logic board.

How to know if your logic board is bad?

Moisture is the main reason for logic board malfunction. Sometimes due to moisture, very small resistance and connectors can be damaged which is almost not possible to see with naked eyes. Some symptoms of a bad logic board :

Apple MacBook Logic Board Repair in nehru place, Delhi

Why does a faulty Mac Logic Board repair need an expert?

As we have known by now that the logic board is the most important and delicate part of the Mac, which deteriorates means the Mac becomes dead. Apple designed the logic board of a Mac in such a way that it is not so easy to repair. So if your logic board is damaged or you suspect it is bad, then you should be very careful about choosing an expert whom you completely trust, because it is very difficult to fix it and you need a specialist who has deep and complete knowledge with experience to repair damage board.

Why should you trust us to repair your logic board?

  • We are well experienced and have solved uncountable issues and gained experience in logic board repairing. So we are expert to diagnose any critical problem in no time and can repair within few hours.
  • We don’t rely on local vendors and stock our high quality parts.
  • We do component level of logic board so you need not to invest in new motherboard.
  • We are extremely fast to save your time.
  • We are known for good support after service.

With expertise in Apple MacBook Laptop hardware troubleshooting and repair, in Nehru Place, Delhi offers full-service technical support for your Apple Mac logic board repair and replacement needs. Our work is not limited to Delhi only, we also provide our services to Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad and near by area. We constantly update new technologies so that we provide you with Expert Logic Board Repair and Replacement Solutions for all types of Apple MacBook models including Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Retina, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.

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MacBook logic board repair in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram

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We are the most experienced company in Delhi for Apple Mac Logic Board Repairs. We are experts in component level repairing.

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Logic Board Models

MacBook Pro A1278 Logic Board
MacBook Pro A1278 Motherboard
A1502 Retina 13″ MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair
A1502 MacBook Pro Logic Board
MacBook Pro A1707 Touch Bar Motherboard Repair
A1707 15" Logic Board
MacBook Air A1466 MLB Repair
MacBook Air A1466 MLB

FAQs about MacBook Logic Board Repair in Delhi

Yes, Logic Board Repair Service is our speciality. We are expert in repairing all types of critical issues..
Yes, We provide 1-3 months warranty on all repaired Logic Boards
Moisture is the main cause of logic board failure in 90% cases. In some cases, it is due to active and passive component failure.
We can fix 95% of cases with in a day. In some unexpected tampered cases we ask for few days.
Generally data can be retrieve safely even if the logic board is in bad condition by connecting externally but in some cases where SSD is in-built to the logic board, data will be safe only when the board is repaired.

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Repair Success Rate of MacBook Logic Boards

Model No. Our Success Rate
A1369 13" 2011 & A1466 13" 2012-2017 MacBook Air Logic Board 95%
A1370 11" 2011 & A1465 11" 2012-2015 MacBook Air Motherboard 95%
A2159 13" & A1989 13" MacBook Pro Touchbar Logic Board 50%
A1990 15" MacBook Pro Touchbar Logic Board 60%
A1278 13" 2010-2012 MacBook Pro Logic Board 95%
A1425 13" 2012 & A1502 13" 2013-15 MacBook Pro Retina Logic Board 95%
A1398 15" 2012-15 MacBook Pro Retina Motherboard 80%
A1534 MacBook 12" MLB 20%
A1708 13" 2016-17 MacBook Pro Retina Logic Board 60%
A1706 13" TouchBar MacBook Pro Retina Logic Board 60%
A1932 13" 2018-19 MacBook Air Retina MLB 50%
A1989 13" 2018 MacBook Pro Retina 2018 MLB 50%