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MacBook CPU Fan Replacement Service in Nehru Place, Delhi

Does your Mac get exceptionally hot or turns off randomly?

If your MacBook gets very hot, restart randomly, running slow or makes too much noise, you must check it for overheating problem. Overheating can be very dangerous as it may affect logic board of your Mac which may not be repairable later.

Our diagnostic and repairing process

Overheating of Mac is because its Fan is not cooling properly or built up dust inside it. Thus if your MacBook gets overheating or running too slow, we at ifixApple will check and diagnose the cause of overheating and if it is caused by your Mac Fan we will replace it with brand new part within same day. With a wide range of quality Apple replacement fans for your Mac, our experienced engineer are able to find the perfect match to meet your requirements. We can fix it for all Apple models.

MacBook Air Fan Replacement Service in Nehru Place, Delhi

Fast, Reliable and 100% satisfaction

We offer fast and reliable repair and replacement services all over Delhi with complete client satisfaction. So if you are in trouble with MacBook overheating issue come to us we will give you solution in affordable Fan repair and replacement cost.

MacBook Fan Models

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Prices List of MacBook Fan

Tentative idea for MacBook Fan Replacement

Model No. Price
MacBook Air A1369 13" 2011 & A1466 13" 2012-2017 Fan Price ₹ 1500/- + 18% GST
MacBook Air A1370 11" 2011 & A1465 11" 2012-2015 Fan Price ₹ 1500/- + 18% GST
A1278 13" MacBook Pro Mid 2012 Fan Price ₹ 1500/- + 18% GST
A1286 MacBook Pro 15" 2010-12 Fan Price ₹ 3500/- + 18% GST
A1502 13" 2013-15 MacBook Pro Retina Fan Price ₹ 3500/- + 18% GST
A1398 15" 2012-15 MacBook Pro Retina Fan Price ₹ 4500/- + 18% GST
A1708 13" 2016-17 MacBook Pro Retina Fan Price ₹ 4000/- + 18% GST
MacBook Pro Retina A1706 13" TouchBar Fan Price ₹ 7500/- + 18% GST