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MacBook Air Repair Service in Nehru Place, Delhi

macbook air repair in nehru place

Are you worried about getting your MacBook Air fixed?

If we talk about MacBook Air Laptop, Apple has launched and promoted it as the world's thinnest notebook in January 2008. After that, new models came and now in March of 2020, a new model has been launched with the magic keyboard design and more features with it.

With the high-quality genuine Apple parts, our accomplished technicians are able to fix your Apple MacBook Air. In ifixApple, we serve repair replacement and upgrade services in Nehru Place, Delhi and NCR. We overhaul and make your Mac as good as new for all types of models and our engineers are skilled in handling the kind of tools and equipment that are required for it.

Some problems that might have to be faced with your Mac Air

Whether it is a small problem or component level problem or software related problem or hardware related, our adept and attentive specialists are always ready with full confidence to fix it. If you are stuck with your damaged MacBook Air any of A1304, A1370, A1369, A1465, A1466, A1932, A2179 models, Here you will get the solution of all the faults. Some common issues/faults that users experience are mentioned below :

  • If you are not able to turn on your MacBook Air
  • If your Screen is not working our having abnormal or fade display
  • Your MacBook Air charger stopped working/charging
  • An app or video got freeze
  • Your MacBook Air won't shut down
  • In some cases, FaceTime stopped working
  • If Your Mac Air is overheating
  • The Keyboard is not working
  • Liquid spill problem
  • Your system is too slow to start or boot up
  • MacBook Air is not responding
  • If there is no Fan spinning sound
  • WIFI is not working
  • Progressing Bar not moving forward
  • Touch bar and Touchpad is not working or behave abnormally
  • Damaged screen
  • Kernel panics and random errors
  • Faded Screen coating
  • No audio hardware found
  • No Headphone output
  • Touchpad heating
  • Broken Hinges
  • Faulty Battery
  • No LED glowing on the charger
  • Thunderbolt port not working
  • SMC failure
  • Corrupt Operating System OSX
  • SSD not detected
  • No Bluetooth hardware found