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Apple Mac mini Repair Center in Nehru Place, Delhi

mac mini services in delhi

The most adaptable and reasonable Mac ever, Mac mini can be fit in pretty much every condition conceivable from big business server racks to vehicle dashboards. It is basically an Apple’s only consumer desktop computer can be shipped without screen, keyboard, or a mouse. It has first launched in 1998 and after so many version, Apple launched a forth-generation Mac mini in October 2018 with Intel Coffee Lake processors.

We at ifixApple in Nehru Place, Delhi, offer specialised and reliable Mac mini repair services of repair, replacement, memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, logic board repair. Our experienced and highly skilled engineers are capable to give software and hardware technical support to all types of Mac mini desktop models.

What are the issues a Mac mini user has to face?

Mac mini has conversion through several generations since its launch, with genuine high quality parts we provide most reliable affordable Mac mini services within same day. We repair and give support for almost all types of issues such as :

  • No Display
  • Mac mini won’t turn on.
  • No startup chime
  • Kernel panics
  • Unexpected shutdown
  • WIFI issue
  • Logic board failure
  • Stuck CD/DVD
  • Too slow
  • Power Supply failure
  • Over heating
  • Not loading Mac OS

If you have stuck with any of software / hardware issue with your Mac mini models , feel free to contact us @IfixApple.

A1103 Mac mini (original) 
A1176 Mac mini (Early 2006)
A1176 Mac mini (Late 2006)
A1176 Mac mini (Mid 2007)
A1283 Mac mini (Early 2009) 
A1283 Mac mini (Late 2009) 
A1283 Mac mini (Mid 2010)
A1347  Mac mini (Mid 2011)
 A1347 Mac mini (Late 2012)
 A1347 Mac mini (Late 2014)
A1993 Mac mini (2018)

Services for Mac mini in Nehru Place