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Liquid Damage Logic Board Repair in Nehru Place, New Delhi


Have you recently had a mishap with your MacBook due to liquid spilled out?

Its very regularly heard how a spillage over the MacBook has accidentally happened. Tea, milk, water, coffee, beer, wine, juice or fluid spillage on an Apple Mac PC may bring about a disappointment of the logic board, keyboard and other internal components. The harm happened will rely upon the reach out of the fluid spill and whether the fluid has reached the internal components and logic board of your Apple MacBook Laptop.

At ifixApple located in Nehru Place, Delhi, our qualified and skilled engineers are capable to repair and replace the components on circuit board with the newest BGA rework stations and tools to give accurate and fast repair services. We also provide cleaning and complete replacement of liquid damage logic board at a feasible cost.

What can you do if liquid spill on your Mac?

  • Shut down your Mac by the power button as soon as possible.
  • Keep the MacBook open and flip around it (the most ideal choice is to lay it level on a towel.
  • Next you need to remove or disconnect the battery.
  • Try to keep your MacBook in warm dry place for 24 hours.
  • Finally, in meanwhile contact us @IfixApple with full details of what has happened.

Liquid Damage Case is not covered in Apple's policy. There its repair cost is very high because they replace damaged parts of the MacBook. Here at ifixApple in Delhi we have seen, fixed, rescued numerous liquid damaged MacBooks. Give us a call or visit at ifixApple for a worthwhile, reliable, fast, accurate diagnosis and repair services for your Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac models. Apart from Nehru Place, Delhi we also serve in Noida, Gurugram and near by area.

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